Thursday, 14 July 2011

Why your CCcam is freezing and what can you do?

Freezing channels or slow opening channels are common problem among cccam user or even other card sharing protocol users as well.

There are several things that will cause freezing, also remember you have no control over what is happening on the server you are connected to as peer and a lot of the problems come from the other end.
But still there are certain thing you can do to improve your card sharing experience

Firstly, when you allocated your router ports, set them for for both TCP/UDP.
You can test if the ports are opening by going here:

Some of the common causes are:

Your internet connection is slow
Check your ping times and don't download torrents at the same time when viewing or sharing with CCcam.

The person you are connected to has slow internet connection
By this i mean not only the speed but the response time as well (which is more critical than speed itself), slow response time could be because of hardware used by server holder or server is overloaded.

Multiple users on same cline.
You have the same cline active in more than one receiver in your home or someone else is using same cline.
You can't do that. Think it as two or more people talking to one person at same time on same line ....
Common symptoms are your cline is reconnecting and disconnecting every few seconds

You have two different C lines to two different servers - both supplying the same card.
This can cause problems. Test and find with which line you have the better performance. It can be easily done by connecting one line and watch channels for few hours and see which one gives less cutting or freezing

You are receiving the same card on hop1 & hop2 etc..
If it is 2 different server use the one with better response time(sometime hop2 card have beter response than hop1). Try to use the cccam.channelinfo, cccam.prio and cccam.providers files

The server is overloaded at the other end
The most common cause of all of them. An overloaded hop1 server can cause your file to connect to a Hop2 instead - but then keeps trying to get back on the hop1.

Because a guys card shows you hop1 - it does NOT mean it is hop1- or he even has a card
There are methods of faking this especially with nline and oscam - and a lot out there doing it. Try another server with the same card to compare.

Your CCcam config is not optimized
Look at other post in the forum regarding correctly configuring cccam.cfg.
You can also add name os the package or channel next to cline for reference and better management of cccam.cfg.
C: user1 password1 ##opens Zee network at 105.5E 5 channels
C: user2 password2 ##opens Sky hd channels etc etc

Your dish is not tuned correctly to the sat or cable and connecting are not good
This is also a common problem where a bad connection in cable or sockets cause intermittently channel freezing or pixelating, which can so easily be mistaken with bad cline.

Certain cards freeze/glitch if the other persons file is not set up correctly
As mentioned above, you have no control over the set up at the other end however you can still inform server holder about the problem for possible fix. You have to try several sources to test for a reliable server and disconnect the rest

Remember, "Quality and not Quantity"
The trick isn't to have a lot of cards but having stable and fast ones. Filter out the crap ...

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Does CCcam need Port Forwarding ?

If you want to connect to a server only you do not need any Port forwarding in your router, this apply only if in your CCcam.cfg file has only C lines

If on the other hand you have a card and want to give away some shares to your friend then yes you must use port forwarding or virtual server , so saying that if you have any F lines in your CCcam.cfg you would need to setup your router with port forwarding !!

CCcam Telnet Commands

Here are a few commands that will help you should you need to check CCcam via telnet.

-d run in foreground (implies -v and -q)
-v be verbose
-q don't use syslog
-C <configfile> use <configfile> instead of default (/var/etc/CCcam.cfg)
-k <keyfile> use <keyfile> instead of default (/var/keys/SoftCam.Key)
-f filter on specific demux data (saves some CPU)
-n show network packets
-s disable server
-t show timing

What is Web Interface and its parameters ?

Web Interface is like a website with information about your CCcam !! This is build in the CCcam itself.

How do i access it and is it enabled by default?By default it is enabled on port 16001 and without a user name and a password. This can be accessed by entering the Dreambox/server Ip and access it with port 16001!! So lets assume your dreambox ip is Just open your favorite web browser and enter this:

Can i protect it with a user and a password ?
Yes you can use a username and password of your choice !! Just add this to you CCcam.cfg replace the username and pass of your choice.


Can i use another port instead the default 16001 ?
Yes you can use any port of your choice!! Just add this line in CCcam.cfg with the port of your choice.

Can i switch off the Web Interface completely?
It is possible to switch off completely the Web Interface by adding this line to your CCcam.cfg

Where do i put the files in my box and what they mean?

CCcam.cfg ---> /var/etc -----> Configuration file, where we set the Clients and Friends and additional configuration.

CCcam.bin ---> /var/bin -----> This is the binary file ( like the .exe in windows ) This file should have 755 permission. (Right click in this file with your preferred FTP client and click set attributes). Otherwise CCcam will not start

CCcam.prio ---> /var/etc -----> This file is where you can set your priority cards or ignore any cards ( not necessarily needed to run CCcam )

CCcam.channelinfo ---> /var/etc -----> In this file you can put the channel info for the web interface, so you will see which channel is decoding CCcam instead of seeing the sid ( not necessarily needed to run CCcam )

CCcam.providers ---> /var/etc -----> In this file you can put the provider info for the web interface, so you will see which package is decoding CCcam instead of seeing the caid ( not necessarily needed to run CCcam )

SoftCam.Key ---> /var/keys -----> In this file you will find keys to open channel trough keys instead trough network ( not necessarily needed to run CCcam )

AutoRoll.Key ---> /var/keys ----> this file will have the next key the provider will have and will use the next automatically ( not necessarily needed to run CCcam ) ---> /var/keys ----> In this file you will find constant keys to open channel trough keys instead trough network ( not necessarily needed to run CCcam )

Other files created by CCcam itself while running

warnings.txt ---> /tmp ---->
Here you will find attempted logins to CCcam without your authorization , this file will be shown only if you have this line in CCcam.cfg **** LOG WARNINGS : /tmp/warnings.txt **** , be careful with this file as if you enable it and you have a lot of warnings you will run out of memory in your box ---> /tmp ----> this file will show you information about the encoding of the channel you are viewing

Dreambox DM-800HD Tuner Changing Video

How to Block certain cards in CCcam.....

It is possible to block certain cards from getting to your server, especially those fake cards or older cards:


You would like to block provider 0919 so to get the newer 093b cards from that provider.

In that case it would be necessary to make your C: line like this:

C: 12000 username password no { 0:0:2, 0919:0 }